BAA is looking for Hearing Therapists to form a small working group. The group will be tasked with writing Standards of Proficiency for a Hearing Therapist.

Standards of Proficiency provide regulatory bodies with the standards considered necessary to protect the public. They set clear expectations of knowledge and abilities, as well as ensuring that clinicians continue to meet the standards of proficiency that apply to their scope of practice. Standards of proficiency allow Higher Education Institutes to equip graduates to meet these standards, along with outlining what service users and the public should expect from their health professional. They can also be used if someone raises a concern about a clinician’s practice.

The working group will consist of hearing therapists who have:

– Recognised Hearing Therapist qualification
– RCCP registration as a Hearing Therapist
– At least 5 years’ experience working as a Hearing Therapist

The working group will meet in person (at least initially) as well as online through virtual meetings and should have scope to work on this project for a 6 month period.

Please contact to register your interest by the 30th of August 2019.