Would you like to be part of a national multicentre multidisciplinary cochlear implant audit funded by the British Society of Otology? This is being performed in collaboration with INTEGRATE, a group of motivated ENT trainees who have experience in delivering large-scale multicentre audits.

This audit will see the BCIG CI Referral Report run on Auditbase to identify patients potentially eligible for a cochlear implant. Findings will then be cross-referenced with patients’ hospital records to understand what factors influence patterns of referral or acceptance once patients are referred to the implant centre.

The CIRCA team is looking to recruit both an Audiology and an ENT site lead for each trust. It would be ideal if you, as CI Champion, could take on the role of Audiology Site Lead.

All site leads will be collaborative authors in all future publications and presentations.

If you are interested in being a site lead, please complete the following link: https://forms.gle/5CtA73o291ophk3J6. We encourage you to discuss the project with your ENT team (Consultants, Registrars, SHOs) and form a local team!

Please note, due to the study search methodology, only departments that use Auditbase will be eligible to participate.

When will the project run?

The window for data submission is open NOW and will close on 30th June 2022 so you have time to register and collect your data.

More information can be found on INTEGRATE’s website: https://entintegrate.co.uk/circa