On 14th November, the British Academy of Audiology Board announced our withdrawal from the current college discussions.

The BAA Board has supported collaborative working and can see the value in this. However, to be part of the college initiative and workstreams going forward is dependent upon members and their colleagues understanding what a college really means, what values it can bring, what dilemmas it might present and what expectations we have on the governance, methodology and motivations.

Whilst we understand that other organisations may continue to progress this work, we are taking a break to consult with members in more depth.

To that end, BAA Board has decided to host a meeting in the new year to consult with Heads of Service and Past Presidents. However, we don’t want to limit the conversation there, we would also be very keen to hear from any member or indeed anyone working in audiology about this work.

Please email admin@baaudiology.org with comments or questions you may have about the potential College of Audiology.