Office of the Chief Scientific Officer for Scotland 
Catherine Ross, Chief Scientific Officer

January 2024

Dear Colleagues


You may be aware that in 2024, the Scottish Government intends to set out our strategic approach to healthcare science in Scotland.

Our aim is to further support the development of the profession, improve the visibility of the healthcare science workforce and more clearly articulate the valuable contribution that they make across the entire patient pathway.

By taking a more strategic approach we will ensure that the profession is best placed to respond to the population health needs of the people of Scotland now and in the future.

In setting out our strategic priorities and approach it is crucial that we develop this work in close collaboration with a wide range of partners. In doing so, it is imperative that the voices of the scientific workforce are heard. This will ensure that our approach and priorities reflect the needs of those working to directly deliver services.

With that said, I would like to encourage you to please share the details of an engagement questionnaire  with your members based in Scotland so that they can share their views. I have attached details along with this letter.

The response rate so far has been positive but we are keen to hear from people working at all bands across the professional specialties, and would particularly like to encourage more of those people working at band 6 and below to share their views.

I look forward to sharing the outputs of this work with you in due course.

Kind regards,

Professor Catherine Ross MSc CSci CBiol FRSB
Chief Scientific Officer – Scottish Government