12 Oct -12 Oct
13:00 -14:00

Join us for a webinar on advanced interpretation of video head impulse (vHIT), presented by David Jay.

vHIT is still an emerging testing paradigm, and as yet there are no evidence-based recommended procedures or guidelines for interpretation. Identifying a vHIT trial as pathological is straightforward when there is low gain with large catch-up saccades, but many situations will not be this clear-cut. This webinar aims to summarise the emerging literature and offer some tips and tricks for interpreting vHIT.

Presenter: David Jay is a clinical scientist in audiology working at Manchester Royal Infirmary. He specialises mainly in vestibular diagnostics and rehabilitation, though is currently training in cochlear implant audiology. David completed the NHS scientist training programme in 2017, which included an elective rotation at Johns Hopkins hospital in the USA with the neuro-visual and vestibular team that developed the HINTS protocol.