05 Oct -06 Oct

Start: Various dates 2023/24

Categories: BSA Accredited Courses

Date: Various dates each month see https://audible-education.co.uk/courses/

Cost: Dependent on course – see below

The Complete Ear Wax Removal Course – £1,100 (2-day course)  5 & 6th October

* Microsuction *Irrigation * Instrumentation (manual tools)

An intensive and comprehensive training that delivers multiple clinical competencies and increased confidence to carry out all three procedures, with an awareness of the individual benefits of each and understanding of earwax management.

Ear Anatomy & Otoscopy – £295 (1-day course)

A one-day foundation course which will increase the student’s understanding of the ear, diseases of the ear, and contraindications.

Successful completion of this course for those students with limited audiology knowledge gives the basis for entry to the Complete Earwax Removal Course.

Taking Ear Impressions – £295 (1-day course)

This course gives you the ability to undertake otoscopy and impression-taking safely and according to BSA procedure.

Refresher Courses in Microsuction and Irrigation Techniques – £295 (1-day course)

Refresher Courses in microsuction and irrigation techniques offered for those who are already trained but wish to improve their confidence and competency.

All training is based at our dedicated practice room and training centre near Halifax in W. Yorkshire.

A certificate will be awarded upon full attendance of the course, with successful completion of both the written and practical assessment on the day, or as homework.

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