06 Apr -06 Apr
13:00 -14:30

Join us for a session on Auditory Processing Disorder in Children with Dr Angela Alexander.

We want anyone who walks through our doors with a hearing problem to walk out with a hearing solution. While most audiologists are familiar with diagnosing and treating hearing loss, far fewer know what steps to take for a person with a normal audiogram and complaints of hearing problems. During this lecture, Angela will take you through a step-by-step process on identifying potential red flags for auditory processing problems in people with and without hearing loss to give you ideas on potential solutions for clients with hearing problems beyond the audiogram.

This lecture will include free tools, case study videos, and demonstrations of auditory training to improve auditory processing abilities in clients with and without hearing loss. If the ears are the hardware, the brain is the software. We need both to work well to have a great user experience. And it’s time to level up our game.

* course objectives:
– The learner can name a free questionnaire to guide their clinical decision-making.
– The learner can describe how findings on the HHIA relate to a potential plan for remediation
– The learner can list the levels of auditory skill development.