27 Nov -27 Nov
12:00 -13:00

Smart hearing is on everyone’s lips, but how do we define this term in regards of our daily work?

2.4GHz Technology, smart ecosystems, AI, blockchain, artificial neuronal networks and tele-healthcare – All these are terms that fall in the context of the digitalisation of our industry. The rapid technological change and digitalisation is accompanied by significant changes in our working environment, these changes were again massively accelerated by Covid19, a global health crisis that once again showed GN Hearing’s pioneering role in defining new, industry leading audiological solutions.

GN Hearing’s expertise in engineering and audiology and continuous scientific research has defined these industry milestones and inspired competitors to follow GN Hearing’s pathbreaking audiological and technological philosophy that has always been leading towards to establish a fuller, clearer, richer and more natural sound-experience. But what does the term digitalisation and the corresponding transformation process exactly mean for our Industry?

Which perspectives and opportunities do these technologies offer and how can they be optimally integrated into the workflow in clinics to optimise fitting processes and patient satisfaction?

In his webinar, Hans-Christian Drechsler explains the backgrounds from a technological as well as business related point of view and gives a comprehensive overview of the current technological progresses and trends in our industry and as well practical approaches of the integration of the respective technologies. Recent studies on the general market development of digital technologies underscore the topic in addition from a business, practical and industry related perspective.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand digital transformation and evolutionary technology change.
  • Discover the key technological drivers in the hearing care industry.
  • Understand smart hearing ecosystems and connectivity solutions.
  • Apply the learnings into the daily clinical work.

Take Home Messages:

  • We are in the midst of a “perfect storm” of technology, demographic change, and disruption to the current distribution process
  • Smart connectivity and tele-health is emerging as a driver of consumers healthcare decision making.
  • The user is ahead of the market.
  • The NHS and GN Hearing are already offering advanced technological solutions that cover literally all diverse hearing needs of today’s users.

This webinar is sponsored by Danalogic/GN Hearing UK

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