19 Dec
London, UK


This course will allow you to build on your knowledge of hearing implants and candidacy criteria. Sessions are suitable for Audiology/ENT team meetings.

Course content

You’ll learn about:

  • The various types of hearing implants: cochlear  implants, bone conduction hearing implants and middle ear implants.
  • Candidacy and referral criteria for hearing implants: who, how, when and where to refer.
  • Information about your local implant centres.

Teaching and structure

The course is provided by Cochlear’s Professional and Consumer Engagement Specialists (and where possible a Cochlear volunteer) and involves:

  • Live presentation
  • Hands on demonstrations
  • Handouts and resources

This course is approved for CPD by BAA and is free of charge.

Contact hearnow@cochlear.com (+44 1932 263 663) for more details or to book a session.