23 Mar -23 Mar
13:00 -14:00

For the first webinar in our Paediatric Webinar Series, Claire Benton, Consultant Clinical Scientist and Head of Audiology at Ropewalk House, Nottingham will talk about managing tinnitus in children.

As tinnitus is as prevalent in children as it is in adults, being able to assess and manage these children in our audiology clinics is important. However, for many beginning to do so can feel quite daunting. Finding out they have tinnitus can be the easy part, uncovering the impact on them maybe a little harder but knowing how to successfully manage a child, that’s a different matter.

This webinar will go through a variety of strategies that can support children with tinnitus, how to explain tinnitus in a child friendly way and how to set up a management plan. We will give ideas for useful resources for sharing with families and hopefully show that these appointments are easy to implement into your department.