15 Nov -16 Nov
Withington Community Hospital

AURAL CARE COURSE – Wax removal using microsuction

Accredited by the British Society of Audiology

Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of November 2024







What this course covers

  • Review of anatomy and physiology of the ear.
  • Otoscopy to identify ear conditions including types of cerumen, infections and other conditions affecting the structure and function of the outer and middle ear.
  • Equipment and infection control
  • Safe removal of cerumen and other objects from the ear canal
  • Practical sessions using otoscope, head loupe, microscope, endoscope, microsuction, portable suction, curettes, Jobson-Horne, forceps and other tools.
  • Setting up a wax removal service

Course will be delivered by

  • Wax Removal Consultants
  • Aural Care Nurse
  • Audiology advanced practitioners


The venue for the course will take place at Withington Community Hospital (WCH), Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.  , Nell Lane, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2LR

WCH is based in South Manchester and is easily accessible by road and public transport.

Course cost will be £595 for the 2 days and there is a limit of 12 participants to ensure practical session time.

A requirement for attending the course is an Audiology qualification, with a minimum of one year post qualification clinical experience.

You will be expected to gain competencies following the course under supervision. If you are unable to gain competencies at your own place of work, please contact the organiser for further details and cost.

To apply for a place or for more information, please contact Kathryn Lewis, Secretary NWSA

Lewiskathryn02@gmail.com or nwsa2000@outlook.com