13 Jul -13 Sep

Consider expanding your current skills and knowledge in a particular area by taking 1-3 fully online courses.

Interested individuals (those holding an MSc, AuD, or PhD in Audiology) may be eligible to enrol in individual courses of interest.

For course descriptions, tuition rates and a brief online application, please visit our website at https://www.atsu.edu/post-professional-doctor-of-audiology-non-degree#requirements

For specific questions, please contact Andrea Ruotolo, Au.D. Program Director at aruotolo@atsu.edu


Upcoming courses:

Courses offered July 13, 2020-September 13, 2020:

AUDP 7200 Pathologies of the Auditory and Vestibular System

AUDP 7300 Pharmacology & Ototoxicity

AUDP 7500 Genetics and Hearing Loss

AUDP 8200 Amplification: Assessment, Fitting, and Verification

AUDP 8210 Implantable Devices

AUDP 8220 Counseling, Aural Rehabilitation and Assistive Devices

AUDP 8600 Assessment and Management of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders

AUDP 8700 Hearing Loss and Healthy Aging