22 May -22 May
15:00 -16:00
Online Webinar

The remote working in audiology services webinar, on Friday 22nd May at 3pm, is an opportunity for you to ask questions and provide feedback to the development team. Your input will be incorporated into future versions of this guidance’.

We recommend you read through the remote working documents prior to the webinar. The documents can be downloaded here.

To help us prepare for the webinar if you have time please send your questions and comments in advance to: Ann-Marie Ann-marie Dickinson and Gabrielle Saunders

The BAA Service Quality Committee (SQC) and Manchester Centre for Audiology and Deafness (ManCAD) staff have produced a series of Remote Working documents. The aim is to introduce audiology professionals to the fundamental principles of telemedicine and to support audiology services in the UK as they begin to provide care to patients remotely. It is assumed the guidance will be used during the current COVID-19 crisis and beyond (with updates). The documents aim to provide information for hearing professionals to remotely fit hearing aids and provide auditory and vestibular rehabilitation to paediatric and adult populations.

Telehealth can be broadly defined as ‘the use of communications technologies to provide and support health care at a distance’. The field of teleaudiology is evolving rapidly and new suggestions for practice are being published daily; thus, the guidance documents will, by necessity, change over time. In its current form, the documentation provides key recommendations for the practice of telemedicine in general and will allow an immediate, ongoing and standardised teleaudiology service during the extreme situation of COVID-19.