25 Nov -25 Nov
12:00 -13:00

The presentation will introduce the new Starkey Esentia wireless CROS and BiCROS system. Utilising a 2.4 gHz wireless technology and new wireless accessories such as a table microphone, these products will be available in England very soon.

Esentia products can be connected to a smart phone app for further personalisation of the devices by the patient. Starkey have chosen to update the very successful CROS product they supply to the U.K. Health Service contracts in order to ensure that audiologists and patients have the opportunity to add telehealth to their patient pathways for these products.

Sue Falkingham is an Audiologist and Hearing Therapist working at Starkey Hearing Technologies in education and Training. With 30 years’ experience in both health service and commercial audiology she brings a unique approach to her work, training customers in all aspects of Starkey products.

This webinar is sponsored by Starkey