11 Sep -13 Sep
DMU, Leicester

11 – 13 SEPTEMBER 2024

The 3-day intensive course promotes a multidisciplinary approach to the dizzy patient and is designed to appeal to all those who have an interest in balance including managing balance patients. The course would be relevant to ENT and medical consultants and trainees, audiologists, clinical scientists and physiotherapists. We always welcome colleagues from other medical backgrounds, and from around the world, with an interest in the balance patient in a relaxed and interactive environment.

Summary of the programme (visit the webpage for detailed information):

  • The Mechanical Stimulation of Balance Function
  • Leading international experts will lecture on the major balance pathologies and expert panels will be challenged on controversies (which is always entertaining). Topics include PPPD, vestibular migraine, BPPV, Meniere’s, third windows, vestibular neuritis, paediatric dizziness and non-vestibular disorders amongst many.
  • A comprehensive clinical assessment of balance patients including practical demonstrations, from a medical and scientific approach:
    • The TRV CHAIR – named after its inventor Thomas Richard Vitton.
    • Bertec’s Computerized Dynamic Posturography with immersive virtual environments comparison with the NeuroCom Samrt EquiTest
    • Eye movement testing using videonystagmography and Caloric Testing
    • VHIT – Video Head Impulse Testing
  • Frequent small breakout groups focussing on the needs of medics and non-medics separately
  • Problem based learning to conclude the 3 days – to reflect and apply to case studies

Course fees include refreshments and lunch for the 3 days and a formal evening dinner on the second day in the evening sponsored by Interacoustics. 

Fees: Non-Medics £500, Medics £575, Consultants £650. 18 CPD credits from ENT UK (TBC)

For more information and to register your place: https://shorturl.at/ouKM5