15 Oct
London, UK

Comprehensive vestibular assessment and management course with theory and practical training in.

History taking, video nystagmography, caloric testing, vestibular evoked myogenic potentials, video head impulse testing, and rehabilitation for positional vertigo (BPPV), peripheral, central vestibular disorders, neurological disorders of gait and balance, vestibular migraine, visual vertigo:

  • 14th Oct: Interview, brief anatomy/physiology and VNG/Calorics theory/practical
  • 15th Oct: VEMP/VHIT Theory/Practical
  • 16th Oct: BPPV, Peripheral, central disorders, neurological disorders, gait/balance, vestibular migraine, visual vertigo

Individual days are bookable

Further information: Jay Jindal

P: (+44) 075436 64692 (m); 0330 2233 453 (o)

E: Jay@audiologyplanet.com

W: https://www.audiologyplanet.com/events/the-ultimate-balance-course/

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