26 Apr -26 Apr
13:30 -15:00

This is a workshop for audiologists on the topic of dementia and hearing loss, supported by the NIHR UCLH BRC. Both hearing loss and dementia are common in older people and recent research has shown that hearing impairment is associated with increase the risk of developing dementia. Whilst more research is needed to fully understand this link, addressing comorbid memory and hearing difficulties in services for older adults may offer opportunities to reduce dementia risk. Our recent national survey of audiologists showed that a significant majority of audiologists would like further training on dementia and how to apply this knowledge in their care of older adults with hearing loss.

This workshop aims to:

  • understand audiologists’ views of their training needs in dementia and its association with hearing loss, and how best to address and manage this in their clinics.
  • to determine the style and format of e-learning preferred
  • to use this information in the future development of an e-learning module on the topic of dementia for audiologists

Cost: Free