27 Nov -27 Nov
09:00 -10:00

Join Dr Zara Jay, Clinical Psychologist from University College London for a discussion about a CBT informed model of hyperacusis with children.

Dr Jay will introduce a CBT informed model of hyperacusis she developed and uses in her work with children and young people. She will explain how fear, avoidance and the perception of the sounds can maintain difficulties with sound sensitivity and the steps that can be taken to create change. She will share the child friendly explanation used and the cognitive and behavioural strategies that can help to break the maintenance cycle that often leads families to feel stuck. Case examples will be used to further detail the approach.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of a psychological model of hyperacusis
  • How it can be explained to children
  • Helpful management strategies that can be taught
  • Take home messages:

Using a child friendly, gently paced, fun approach, children experiencing hyperacusis can be helped to better manage those sounds that they find difficult to tolerate and enjoy a better quality of life.