The Hearing Aids for Music (HAFM) project, a collaboration between the University of Leeds and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has developed a series of resources to help improve access to music for hearing-impaired listeners.

This includes a leaflet for hearing aids users which outlines the benefits and challenges of listening to music through hearing aids and strategies for improving listening experiences in different settings, two leaflets for audiologists providing advice on addressing musical needs in clinic and evidence-based strategies for programming hearing aids for music, and a resource card which can be given out to patients in clinic.

Whilst the resources are available freely for download from the HAFM website (here), and on this website, the team have printed paper copies for use in clinics across the UK.

If you would like copies, do complete their online resource distribution survey ( and they will distribute them in the post.

Please note: this offer is only available to those in the UK and Ireland, due to postage costs.

Any questions regarding the project or the resources can be directed to