Professor Doris-Eva Bamiou, Dr. Nehzat Koohi and Ms. Merlinda W. Bernard from the Ear Institute of University College London would like to invite you to participate in an online survey of Health Professional’s awareness and practice related to APD- Auditory Processing Disorder in the UK. This survey is a UCL master’s student project that has been reviewed and approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee (Ethics ID No: 5118/001). We are writing to invite you to participate in this online survey.

The research aims to explore the opinions and current practices of health professionals related to screening, diagnosis, and management of APD amongst Audiologists and ENT Specialists. The outcomes of this study will help determine the current trends and future directions of APD in the UK.

As this study is completely voluntary, we do appreciate your time and effort in completing the survey. Your contribution will be anonymous. If you decide to participate in this study, please proceed to click on this link The link will direct you to the online survey platform.

The closing date for this survey is on 20th June 2021.

If you have any questions about this study, please contact Merlinda at