According to NHS Supply Chain, hospital trusts are already seeing potential savings and more choice for patients following the launch of a new Hearing Aid framework by NHS Supply Chain in April.

An enhanced range sees over 5,000 products available from 13 suppliers, with 1,108 new to the framework. Suppliers are also offering discounts through the published National Pricing Matrices which offer savings to the NHS in the region of £1.2 million in return for commitment facilitated by NHS Supply Chain.

The Audiology Supplies Group from the British Academy of Audiology worked with NHS Supply Chain to set the product specification on the tender, ensuring that product quality is maintained. As part of this process suppliers have to provide information and evidence on a range of areas of their business, from finance and technical information to repair processes, before the instruments are physically evaluated.

The Audiology Supplies Group review, score and test boxes of instruments, culminating in the evaluation of the audiologist experience. Each instrument is checked by audiologists in the UK and the Patient Forum reviews the patient documentation. The evaluation documents used in this process are available on the SQC pages of our members area (click here).

Mark Hart, Director of the NHS Supply Chain Category Tower for audiology, commented, “As well as the new framework offering an increase in product choice and the potential for significant savings, the review process ensures that all products are fit for the NHS and improve the service experience for both clinicians and patients.”