Can you help Kevin Munro?

Do you recognise TS Littler in this photograph?

TS Littler was a founding father of the science of audiology in the UK. The prestigious BSA awards, TS Littler lecture and TS Littler prize, are named in his honour. For a great many years we have been trying, unsuccessfully, to identify a photograph of TS Littler. However, there has been some recent success. Robin Marshall FRS, Emeritus Professor of Physics and Life Sciences at the University of Manchester, has a photograph from 1923 showing physics graduates. The photograph includes TS littler who was awarded a first-class honours degree in physics that year.

But which graduate is TS Littler? Robin has been able to identify some of the graduates in this photograph, so we can rule out everyone seated in the front row and also several standing in the back row. There are five graduates yet to be traced and one of these is the elusive TS Littler. We know that TS Littler is standing and, moving from left to right, is either number 1, 3, 5, 6 or 7?

Is anyone able to identify TS Littler or might you be able to share the photographs with others who might have the answer?

I would be delighted to receive any information.

Kevin J Munro
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