Following the HTS meeting on 13th November 2020, the committee would like to advise:

Secondment supervisors need to be accredited from 1st January 2021. To do this supervisors need to complete the Supervisor accreditation form, and Supervisors Training Module. These can be found under the HTS section within the Career Development part of the members area of the website. If you have already planned to host a HTS candidate on secondment in the new year or beyond, or plan to supervise a trainee in the future, please consider gaining accreditation now.

Remote / virtual clinics can be counted towards HTS experience, however, the candidate must be physically located with their supervisor whilst remote / virtual clinics are carried out (so in the cases of secondments, the candidate must still go on secondment, and, for example, cannot just dial in remotely).

Can we also take this opportunity to remind all those currently planning on completing one of the non-clinical modules, that the deadline for the completed portfolios to be submitted is 31st December 2020.

Please let the HTS Committee know in advance if any extenuating circumstances occur, by emailing