The Ida Institute are looking for paediatric audiologist volunteers who could assist them with a small project.

They are currently working with Professor Emeritus Kris English in the US to develop a module on person-centered care in paediatrics and the Ida pediatric tools for their Ida University Course. To illustrate what it looks like when these tools are being used in practice, they are looking for pediatric practitioners who would like to develop small videos in which they use an Ida pediatric tool with children or young people.

They are looking to film videos for the following Ida paediatric tools in action:

They are simple tools that don’t require extensive training for a clinician to use. However the appropriate permission from the Centre and anyone filmed during this process will be required. This could be a great professional development opportunity for members, and we are happy to support members to understand more about the tool or technical requirements if necessary.

Please contact Natalie Comas or Ena Nielsen if you would like to ask further questions.