BAA welcomes the Report from the Independent Review of Audiology in Scotland, which is published today (Friday 25th August).

This review was launched by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care in January 2022, after the British Academy of Audiology’s report into their review of standards of care provided in the NHS Lothian Paediatric Audiology service revealed significant failings.

The National Review aims were to ensure that the failings identified in NHS Lothian were not happening across Health Boards in Scotland, to establish how quality was currently assured, and to make recommendations to improve the assurance of audiology services within NHS Scotland.

BAA were pleased to be invited to contribute to the review, and had board directors on the main steering group and allocated across its working groups. We also volunteered to help gather the views of a wider spectrum of Scottish audiologists, achieved through an audiologist survey and focused workshops, and ensured that these were presented and form part of the review and final report.

The Independent National Review’s report highlights serious issues affecting audiology services and audiologists across the country. The review found ‘multiple, systemic problems affecting audiology services in NHS Scotland’, including an ‘absence of national leadership, strategic planning and workforce planning’ and that there had been ‘no quality assurance of services’ in recent years.

The findings reflect what our members have told us about issues that impact their ability to provide the levels of care they aspire to, with workforce shortages, lack of accredited training available, and being pushed to do more, whilst having no extra resources.

The publication of the report is the end of the review process, but this is the start for audiologists, health boards and professional bodies such as the BAA. The report offers us all the opportunity to achieve meaningful, lasting change in Audiology services. But we need to work together to push for funding, additional resources, and robust implementation of all the recommendations.

As a professional body, BAA is ready to work with colleagues in Scotland to ensure that every audiologist and audiology department is equipped and has the resources to ensure that every patient – adult or child – receives the highest quality hearing care.

But there needs to be significant investment and support from the Scottish Government into Audiology to achieve the report recommendations.

Read the report on the Scottish Government website: Independent Review of Audiology Services in Scotland


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