Dr Ann-Marie Dickinson, Specialist Audiologist at Withington Community Hospital, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Vice-chair of the BAA Service Quality Committee has been concerned for sometime about the low uptake/referral rates for Cochlear Implantation.

Earlier this year, she published the guidance – “It’s time to talk about Cochlear Implants” which we would encourage you to read here if you haven’t done so already.

Over the coming months you can expect to see more from Ann Marie and other members of the SQC team. Ann Marie will be recording a BSA grow in August where she will focus on training/support, counselling for a referral, candidacy and audit. She is also looking at myths related to CIs (e.g. that frequency lowering hearing aids are as good as CIs).

Ann Marie and James Mander are also producing a short animated video to raise awareness of the benefits of implants aimed at professionals and the public which will be ready for the BAA Conference in November.

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