AIHHP, BAA, BSA and BSHAA have reviewed the Audiology & Otology Guidance during COVID-19.

The October 2022 review has minimal changes:

  • All the links have been reviewed, deleted or replaced with the latest information

The next review is due on 31st December 2023.

Download the latest guidance here: JointAudiologyOtologyGuidance-Oct22

Covid-19 has been in the UK for over 2 years, during which time we have acquired a much greater understanding of the virus and the disease. The UK has an effective vaccine programme, with 89% of adults now receiving at least one dose. The number of people infected with COVID-19 in the community is not decreasing significantly, but the cases of severe disease and death are lower due to the vaccination policy. We appreciate how unpredictable and potentially lethal the infection can be, and know that severe disease can manifest in any age group, but that older age groups are more vulnerable if infected.

The aim of this document is to continue to provide concise guidance for the return of routine operation of all audiology services. Clinicians can use this document as the basis for their local risk assessments, in accordance with local restrictions and employer policies. This guidance will now stand until the end of 2023, although if significant changes occur, it will be reviewed earlier, but new research and advice may supersede this guidance. It is important that practitioners actively consult the external links embedded within this document.