ManCAD, in collaboration with BAA, launches two activities to support ongoing learning for audiologists during this COVID-19 crisis – an online journal club and a podcast series. All upcoming topics will focus on issues pertinent to audiological practice under the current restrictions. We want these activities to bridge the divide between research and clinical practice.

The journal clubs will be very informal, comprising a short presentation followed by a discussion of thoughts and ideas arising from the paper discussed. The podcasts will be in the form of a short but informative and interesting conversation (15-20 min max).

The inaugural journal club will take place this Friday (15th May) from 1-2 pm. Kevin Munro will lead a discussion on ‘Face mask misery: do face masks impair speech understanding?’

If you would like to take part in this week’s Journal Club please email  You will then be sent a zoom link to the meeting and a copy of the paper that Kevin will be discussing. You can read it in advance if you like, but this is certainly not a requirement.

A podcast on the same topic will be available in the coming days on the ManCAD and BAA websites.  BAA and ManCAD will send information once it is available.

The first paper will be Atcherson et al. (2017). The Effect of Conventional and Transparent Surgical Masks on Speech Understanding in Individuals with and without Hearing Loss (2017). J Am Acad Audiol 28:58–67 (2017)

For more information and future updates about the Journal Club and Podcast series, see: Manchester Centre for Audiology and Deafness (ManCAD)