The purpose of the Multi-professional Practice-based Research Capabilities Framework is to facilitate the transformation of health and care service delivery, and the enhancement of the outcomes and experiences of the people accessing services, by supporting health and care professionals to engage in and with research.

To do this, the Framework elaborates incremental research capability development as one of the four pillars of practice (clinical / practice; leadership; facilitation of learning, and evidence, research and development). The focus is specifically on practice-based health and care professionals. The intended audience does not extend to colleagues in medicine and dentistry, for whom alternative guidance is already available.

The Framework articulates a common set of core research capabilities relevant across the diversity of the groups and disciplines that comprise the health and care professions beyond medicine and dentistry. It is recognised that individuals or groups of practitioners may develop above and beyond the capabilities outlined in the Framework (e.g. those entering their profession with Masters or Doctoral level qualifications; those in research delivery leadership roles or pursuing a clinical or practitioner academic pathway). The intention of these capabilities is to clarify the fundamentals expected of all practice-based health and care professionals.

The Framework is structured around four levels of practice (entry, enhanced, advanced and consultant levels of practice, as set out in a later section), and eight capability domains. It is intended to be a valuable tool for:

  • individual practitioners when planning their professional and career development;
  • service and departmental managers when job planning, developing job descriptions, informing job evaluations, and identifying and reviewing objectives during professional development reviews;
  • health and care organisations aiming to embed a culture that values engagement in and with research, and to recognise, delineate and support research potential and research activity as part of everyday practice for health and care professionals; and
  • education and training providers when planning or revising the learning outcomes and content of academic award-bearing study and other continuing professional development opportunities.

An earlier draft of the Framework was shared internally for comment This second phase of engagement invites a broader range of stakeholders to offer feedback to help finalise the Framework ahead of publication. We would be very grateful if you would provide your perspectives in the context of healthcare sciences, please.  Please provide any comments to BAA by the COP 20th September 23 to:

To enable you to do so:

  1. This link will take you to a 10 min introductory video to help orient you to the Framework.
  2. You will find the engagement document comprising the draft Framework, including the capabilities, here..