The National Deaf Children’s Society are delighted to announce the launch of My NDCS, a free app for parents and carers of deaf children.

My NDCS is designed to help parents and carers support their deaf child,  their child’s level or type of deafness.

The app is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play. Families will get instant access to:

  • Expert information and resources tailored to where they live and their child’s age.
  • Stories from other families and deaf role models, and a glossary to look up key terms they might come across.
  • A journal to record key moments in their child’s journey, reflect on their feelings, or write down notes during appointments.
  • Upcoming events where they can get advice from our team of experts and meet other families of deaf children.

We’d appreciate it if you could share this exciting news with your colleagues and the families you work with.

We’ve created a free poster that you can download, print and display in your clinic. You can find it on

If you have a question about the app, please email