NHS England has established a National Steering Group for Improvement in Hearing Services to provide national strategic oversight and direction for quality improvements in paediatric audiology services (read previous statement). The group will be chaired by Prof Dame Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer for England.

Working groups core work streams have been established and will be led by a work stream lead to drive and deliver quality improvement work packages identified by the steering group.

BAA is represented across all groups and sub groups as follows:

Steering Group: Dr Samantha Lear, BAA President

Quality sub-group: Dr Samantha Lear, (BAA President) and Lauren Willis (Board Director)

Workforce Development sub-group: Dr Saima Rajasingam and Keiran Joseph (Board Directors)

Service pathways/live Issues sub-group: Kath Lewis and Claire Benton (Board Directors)

Commissioning sub-group: Sam Davis (Quality assurance for NHS Commissioning and BAA SQC) and Lesley Peplow (BAA SQC)

As our Board Directors and committee members report to you, BAA members, we will keep you informed, as and when we are allowed, on the progress of the Group.