The C2Hear team has launched a new standalone ‘go-to’ website that hosts a range of C2Hear resources. The website includes:

  • C2Hear RLOs for first-time hearing aid users and testimonials
  • Communication tactics RLO for communication partners (family and friends)
  • Demo clips to use in clinics or on websites
  • Waiting room clips that can run in a loop
  • Articles from newsletters and peer-reviewed journals
  • Selection of talks and posters

Research on the use of the C2Hear RLOs has shown multiple patient benefits, including improved knowledge on hearing aids, and greater hearing aid practical handling skills, hearing aid use and self-efficacy.

“These videos are fantastic, the videos really help the patients”

To publicise the launch a C2Hear pack has been sent to all UK audiology departments. C2Hear is a free resource for audiologists and patients to use.