The updated document – BAA Curriculum Guidance Document Audiologist – is now available to download.

The purpose of this document is to guide the development of curricula, leading to the award of (audiology) qualifications by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the United Kingdom. It may also be used for external review of a course, alongside guidance from professional regulatory bodies and institutional data. This document aims to set the threshold proficiency for a candidate awarded an audiology qualification that leads to registration with the Academy for Healthcare Science ((AHCS), incorporating the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP)).

This document does not set a single national curriculum for programmes leading to audiology awards. Instead, it specifies the threshold standards (incorporating academic and practitioner elements) as minimum requirements for curricula, leading to the award of audiology qualifications, which leads to registration as an audiologist.  It acknowledges that the requirements of the professional and regulatory bodies need to be incorporated in programme design. It encourages UK HEIs and service providers to work collaboratively in the design and delivery of their curricula.

The BAA Education, Accreditation and Registration committee developed this guidance document. This group consists of specialists drawn from Higher Education Institutes, service providers and regulatory bodies. It will be reviewed regularly, and revised as needed, to reflect developments in audiology and experiences of key stakeholders.

Download the new guidance here: BAA Curriculum Guidance Document Audiologist May 2023