The Higher Training Scheme is being revised and updated, and as part of this we need to recruit some additional examiners. The criteria regarding who can become an examiner has been widened, and all members who meet the following criteria are able to express interest in becoming an examiner:

  • HSCF level 6 and above practitioner, or equivalent
  • Hold the HCCC in the specialist area in which they are examining (or equivalent), and have at least 2 years post qualification experience
  • Full member of the BAA
  • Registered with the relevant registration body e.g. RCCP, HPC
  • Be performing an active clinical role (at least 2 clinical sessions per week in that area) or have previously had significant experience as HSCF level 6 or above practitioner in each examined area and have maintained close knowledge of the area (e.g. through a service management/leadership role, employment in formal education of M-level practitioners or research).
  • Attend an examiners training session every year for the first two years, and a minimum of once every three years thereafter.
  • Be available to carry out at least one set of exams annually (averaged over three years).

Volunteering as an examiner not only enables you to contribute to the work of your professional body but helps to ensure the scheme, which is highly regarded within the profession, continues. Existing examiners have given a number of additional benefits from this role, such as:

  • Visiting other departments to see how they work and bring ideas for service developments back to your own department
  • Direct benefits if working as a HTS supervisor having first-hand experience of the standards and requirements of the scheme
  • Opportunity to work with colleagues from other departments and discuss clinical issues, an activity which can contribute towards CPD,
  • A motivator to keep clinical knowledge up to date.

If you are interested in becoming an examiner please complete the HTS Examiner’s expression of interest form and send or email it to the BAA, as soon as possible.

If you have expressed an interest in becoming an examiner previously or have started the process of becoming and examiner but are unsure if this was completed, we would be grateful if you could also complete this new form and submit it to the BAA.

All prospective examiners are welcome to attend the examiner’s meeting on 13th November at 3pm in Liverpool (day before the conference), although spaces are limited so please contact the BAA in advance to reserve a place.

Expression of interest form

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