AIHHP, BAA, BSA & BSHAA are pleased to release an updated version of their Joint Guidance

Readers will note the guidance is referred to as Joint Audiology & Otology Guidance with the content moving from emergency and essential to delivering services where there is audiological need. The guidance has been collated with input from the Infection Control Society and ENT UK.

Members are invited to a joint Professional Bodies webinar on Tuesday 5th May at 4.00 pm.

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All key sections of the guidance will be covered in this joint webinar including:

  • The change from urgent and essential to audiological need
  • Infection control and hygiene
  • PPE
  • Ways of working

As well as representatives from each audiology body, we will also have ENT consultants taking part in the webinar too. If you have questions and comments that you would like to feed into the webinar, please send them to by noon on Tuesday 5 May.

The webinar is being kindly hosted by Starkey, who have the capacity on their webinar system to handle the large number of professionals who are expected to register. The output of the webinar will be used to create a professional Q&A and public information resource.