Our new Board Director for the Education, Accreditation and Research committee is reorganising how the committee will work, and is now looking for expressions of interest in joining the team. There will be four specific work groups: Audiology Pedagogy Group; Education and Research in Practice Group; Work-based Training Group and Promoting Audiology Nationally Group.

Audiology Pedagogy Group

Aim: Developing pedagogical research (and clinician-researcher networks) for UK Audiology Education

Anticipated outcomes:

  • Creating cross university networks for pedagogical research
  • Providing opportunities/projects to connect clinicians and researchers

Education and Research in Practice Group

Aim: Promoting a culture of education & research in Audiology departments

Anticipated outcomes:

  • Producing articles and information (including webinars) to promote education/research in clinical contexts
  • Share examples of best practice from departments highly involved in Audiology education

Work-based Training Group

Aim: Providing support for departments to “grow your own” audiology professionals (e.g., via apprenticeships)

Anticipated outcomes:

  • Producing articles and information (including webinars) to raise awareness of work-based opportunities
  • Support the development of new work-based courses/apprenticeships

Promoting Audiology Nationally Group

Aim: Promoting the national profile of Audiology & Audiology Education

Anticipated outcomes:

  • Campaigning for increased access to financial support for audiology courses and students
  • Create coordinated campaigns to increase recruitment for audiology courses
  • Promote the audiology profession

If you think you can meaningfully contribute to one of these working groups, please email: admin@baaudiology.org