BAA and BSA have formed a small professional working group to write guidance with Public Health England (PHE). The team at PHE have agreed on a guidance document related to procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. This document without PHE/NHS England logos was received by services this morning, 30th March 2020.

We anticipate this guidance will be going through branding by NHS England and PHE, but we have chosen to release the guidance now, without that branding to aid the profession and services in England.

Please be aware that, due to the rapidly evolving nature of the situation, this version is currently the most up-to-date advice and therefore supersedes any previously issued guidance which may be circulating. BAA and BSA are aware that there will be hospital/department variation on how our guidance is implemented. It is up to each individual Trust to decide how the guidance is administered and BAA and BSA are unable to influence this.

The group continues to meet virtually with PHE to review the guidance.

The guidance is available here: Newborn Hearing Screening Technical Guidance during Covid19