The following statement was added to the NHSP Technical Guidance on 7th January.

NHSEI advises where there are local Covid-related lockdowns or other restrictions in place, the expectation is that screening and immunisation services should continue as contracted, including continuing actions to support the restoration of NHS screening services and the proactive offer of immunisations to those who missed vaccination in line with the NHSEI Phase3 letter.

This includes the expectation that screening, and immunisation staff should not be diverted towards other services, or their buildings or facilities repurposed for other uses, without the specific agreement of the relevant regional public health commissioner.

Any indication of service change due to local or national lockdowns should be raised by the provider to NHSEI regional commissioners so that it can be considered, and mitigations put in place that minimise any disruption to delivery of the screening and immunisation programmes.

NHSP Technical guidance for business continuity v1.1 Dec