Starting late last month, Noah ES beta 2 testing has begun, and the first hearing care professionals in the EU and US markets are already using Noah ES.

HIMSA currently have a number of small hearing care businesses and member company support engineers involved in the beta testing. After a short testing period, businesses are asked to switch over to Noah ES for all of their Noah-related tasks.


So far, several smaller issues have been reported and corrected. However, HIMSA are happy to say that all core functionality has been extremely reliable, including:

  • Adding patients
  • Searching for patients
  • Saving Audiograms, Fittings

They have prepared this short video to give you a feel for what it is like to use Noah ES.

You can also find information on Noah ES features, pricing and much more on the Noah ES Support Portal:

Noah ES is expected to be released later this year.

IMPORTANT: Noah ES will initially be hosted in data centres in the USA and the EU. If you are a located outside these markets, there may be performance or patient data security regulations to consider while using the Noah ES software. We therefore ask hearing care professionals outside the EU and USA markets to please wait to try Noah ES until a data centre is provided in your area.