Danalogic are pleased to host two presentations in the Technology/sponsor track at BAA Conference 2023

2.15pm –
The results of a randomised control trial: should we use slow or fast acting compression speeds for older adults?

Richard Windle, Audiology Team Leader, Kingston Hospital NHS FT

Auditory processing and some elements of cognition decline with normal ageing, as does peripheral hearing. This can make normally-ageing older adults some of the most complex patients we see. The combined loss of peripheral and central processing makes it particularly difficult for older adults to decode speech in difficult situations, such as speech in noise. It also means that some older adults may be unable to cope with the distortion introduced by aggressive hearing aid processing, and that it may be better to use slow compression speeds or reduced compression ratios. This paper presents the results of a randomised control trial that compared the preferences of older adults given both fast and slow-acting compression. Based on the results, we describe when slow and fast compression speeds are best employed for older adults. We think this is important, because older adults are most of the patients we see.



Group hearing aid fittings: Ingenuity or idiocy?

Laura Turton, Head of Audiology, NHS Tayside

With ongoing waiting list pressures, the Audiology department at NHS Tayside decided to create a waiting list task force to discuss the balance between creating a lean service whilst maintaining as much quality for the patient experience as possible. One of the many brought in as a pilot was to deliver hearing aid fittings for new users in a group setting. This presentation covers the logistics of this pilot, patient outcomes, feedback, impact on waiting lists and future plans. Were NHS Tayside successful or did this idea flop? Come and hear more about the experience.


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