During the BAA conference 2023, Natus will be providing two presentations as part of our Technology/Sponsor track.

Thursday 10.40am – 11.10am Acting on impulse: advanced vHIT analysis

Rob McLeod Snr Clinical Trainer – Audiology & Vestibular

In this session we will be discussing some tips for using Otosuite Vestibular to better assess vHIT traces, avoid artefacts during capture and interpret good clean data. (and don’t worry, we’ll leave time to get to David Jay’s talk afterwards!).

9.50am –
Check yourself before you RECD yourself: how RECDs can greatly impact a fitting target or make no difference at all

Rob McLeod, Snr Clinical Trainer – Audiology & Vestibular

In this session we’ll be demystifying RECD coupler fitting logic, looking at how RECDs influence DSL fitting targets and talking about how your measured RECDs could be being ignored!

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