The BAA is pleased to publish the updated guidance on Onward referral for Adult Audiology Service Users. There are a few subtle but significant changes from the previous version, which brings the referral criteria in line with NICE guidance.

  • The audience of the document has changed, it does now not include GPs in the audience, only audiology professionals seeing adults for direct referrals.
  • The definition of ‘conductive’ no longer takes into account 4kHz bone conduction levels (due to the BSA removing it from the PTA doc)
  • The asymmetrical definition now makes it clear that this is a 15dB difference in air conduction values, not bone conduction.
  • The referral for bilateral worsening thresholds in existing hearing loss has been removed due to lack of evidence.

Thank you to all individuals and organisations who participated in the public consultation.

Download the September 2023 guidance here: Onward Referral Guidance for Adult Audiology Service Users