For those wishing to undertake the HTS Paediatric Assessment (newborn) module, there is a new standalone M-level module available from Anglia Ruskin University.

This new course runs from 8th January 2024 – 3rd May 2024, and the last booking date for this course is 21st December 2023. You can learn more about the course here. This new module adds to the existing modules available from other universities in the UK. Here are the range of Paediatric Assessment (newborn) modules currently available:

  Aston Anglia Ruskin Manchester Southampton* UCL
Module title NS2PA1 – Paediatric Audiology: Assessment and Management Paediatric audiological assessment (newborn)


PCHN63331 Paediatric Hearing Assessment Paediatric Audiology

*partially maps to HTS module outcomes


Paediatric assessment
Link to course information:    n/a currently

see PCHN63331 in section MSc Advanced Audiology Studies Unit information)
Cost: n/a currently £1250 £1,350 1/12 of MSc fees see £1075 with assessments
Course dates (if running in 2024): TBC (currently internal only) Runs in Tri 2 (and Tri 1 if sufficient demand):

8 Jan– 5 May 2024 (distance learning)

Residential in w/c 29 April 2024

Semester 1 (Sept 2024) Feb-May 2024

(12 weeks, 2 hours per week, + 4 practical sessions)

18 January – 15 February 2024 (every Thursday)
Assessment dates:                                  TBC (currently internal only) Practical assessments w/c 29th April and written assessments due 5 May 2024 17 January 2025 May 2024 Critical analysis (1500 words) 7 March 2024. Essay (1500 words) 4 April.

Any of these modules can also be completed standalone, without having to enrol on the Higher Training Scheme.