NHSE invites you to a workshop on physiological science networks on September 27th 2022 (1:00-4:15pm).

The NHS England Physiological Science Transformation Programme aims to transform physiological science services, improving outcomes that matter to patients, by enabling delivery and access to the right physiological tests at the right time performed by the right person. The programme forms part of the NHS England Diagnostic Transformation Programme.

Establishing clinical networks for physiological science services, as recommended through the Richards review, is a major ambition for the programme. Over time, networks could enable greater connectivity between a services, support standardisation, improve quality, enhance training provision and create greater opportunities for shared learning between and across different services and professional groups. We are inviting stakeholders to attend this virtual workshop on Tuesday 27th September to help inform the design of these networks and our plans for implementation.

Session aims
• To gain a collective understanding of why establishing networks supports the improvement and transformation of physiological science services
• To explore what we currently have in place, focusing on emerging networks, networks already established and workforce strategies / plans
• To generate stakeholder views and consensus on what we specifically need from a successful physiological science network
• To identify potential challenges in moving forward with developing networks

Agenda here: NHSEI PS Network Workshop Agenda

Register here: NHSE workshop