According to the RNID, 1 in 5 adults in the UK today have hearing loss, and it takes people an average of ten years to take action after they start to notice their hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss is a major factor in people deciding to retire early. It’s also one of the biggest risk factors in developing dementia.

And one of the biggest reasons is that people don’t think about getting their hearing checked.

Join the campaign

At RNID they want to make it as normal to check your hearing as it is to check your eyesight and your teeth.

Over 73,000 people have used their free online hearing check since it was launched, and it is now the suggested check on the NHS website.

RNID have asked BAA to share this resource, and we would like you to share it, as well!

How to talk about the check

RNID evidence shows that the most effective way to encourage people to take that first step on hearing loss is to simply offer them the opportunity to take the check – not confront people with scary health messages.

The team at RNID has suggested some social media messaging that we can all use to encourage people to take the Hearing Check, such as:

Did you know that you can check your own hearing at home? All you need is your phone (or laptop!) and some headphones. It’s quick, free and easy to do!


It’s easy to check your hearing on national charity RNID’s website. All you need is a laptop or phone and a quiet spot to sit in. 

Find the hearing check here:

RNID Hearing Check

or scan the QR code below: