The audiology undergraduate - advice from someone who's been there!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the world of essays and assessments, but what can you do whilst on your course to make the most of your time?

You’ll get to undertake placements/work based learning and put your theory into practice over the years. Through this, you’ll find that audiologists have a range of skills in their arsenal, and your time at university can help develop these.

Get stuck in

Your university will have a range of clubs and societies that you can get involved in, that includes sports, culture, subject specific and more. You’ll also get information on part-time jobs and volunteering opportunities. Most universities have mentoring schemes too where you could speak to other students and share your own tips. You’ll learn how to organise your time, have fun and meet new people.

Audiology volunteering

There are a variety of audiology specific charities and opportunities to volunteer or even fundraise for. There are some amazing causes and great work being carried out. RNID is one such charity where you could attend support and advice clinics, which they have across the country.

Become a member

As a student you can sign up to be a BAA member and reap the benefits of joining the early professions community. You will also have discount prices to attend the BAA annual conference! You can also join other professional bodies and registration bodies too! You’ll have access to the latest information that will help you once you graduate and help keep you in the audiology loop.

University careers teams

Your careers team will help to look over your CV which you can start building upon from first year. They can help look at your skillset and how to best showcase these in an application form. Think about including any awards and prizes, your team commitments and any other experiences you’ve had. They can also support you with interview tips and even provide practice sessions.

Other university services

Your university library, student’s union and other student services can help you with any problems you have from financial to academic. Need support with referencing, writing skills or literature searching? They’ll be online information or face to face sessions that can help you with this.

Speak to those around you

You’ll be taught by a diverse staff team from different backgrounds, so it’s fitting that you pick their brains! Ask what their experiences have been like, can you assist with events or research where appropriate, and what tips they can provide. You can do the same in your clinical environments.

Enjoy your time and make the most of it!

Student Videos

Want an insider scoop into what life as a student audiologist involves? Have a look at the following videos from current audiology students in the UK!

Video credits

Many thanks to Fizah Rehman for her videos created whilst on placement as a Year 3 Student Audiologist at Withington Hospital.

Special thanks to Aneela Greval & Mark Dawber (Specialist Audiologists, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust) for participating in the day in the life video.