The BAA is currently piloting a new HTS equivalence route for one module: Paediatric Assessment 6 months+. This route enables BAA members, who have been trained in paediatric audiology via other routes, to gain an HTS award to confirm externally verified clinical competence in this area. This will enable members who meet certain criteria to apply for examination without having to complete the full HTS training programme.

The scheme is for existing NHS audiology staff working in this specialist field. They may apply to have the fees for this BAA HTS equivalence application met. Currently, few staff in Scotland are recognised in this way.

Applicants should have a minimum of five years post training experience in paediatric assessment in the 6 months – 4 year age group. Individuals with less experience will be considered by BAA’s committee on an individual basis

BAA’s HTS equivalence pathway and the NES support fund are open for the financial year 2022-23, i.e. until 31st March 2023

What is the advantage of applying for HTS equivalence?

  • Recognition of experience.
  • Open career possibilities and prepare for future roles.
  • Accountability / public protection / professionalism: formal recognition of specialist skills.
  • Consistent with the national audiology review in Scotland.

Who is this scheme aimed at?

This scheme is for NHS specialist audiology staff interested in formal recognition to the HTS standard

Strong encouragement is given to audiology service colleagues working in the paediatric field to build a cohort of formally recognised specialist practitioners.

Is there a deadline?

Application fee support must be drawn down by the end of March 2023, so the application must be initiated before that point.

What is involved in applying?

Please email  outlining your role, length of specialist practice, and intention to undergo the equivalence exam.

Will it cost me anything?

NES meets the HTS equivalence application fee costs to BAA. NES will organise payment to the relevant body. At this stage, applicants should be BAA members.

What are my obligations?

The applicant agrees to undergo examination of their specialist skills for paediatric HTS equivalence by BAA.

BAA information:

Contact us: To discuss further, please email

Source: NES Healthcare Science, November 2022