Michelle is the head of Audiology at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, where she manages adults and paediatrics. She is a registered Clinical Scientist with 18 years clinical experience in paediatrics, having completed her CAC in 2005, and is also the Regional Lead Scientist in the Northeast and Yorkshire

Michelle’s passion is paediatrics, due to the relationships you build and the fact that you can make a huge difference to patient outcomes and their families as a healthcare scientist.  Michelle also has a passion for raising the profile of Audiology in all contexts. For the last 5 years as head of service, Michelle has been helping improve the visibility and support of audiology service in her trusts and wider due to the Integrated Care System (ICS). Michelle has been working on a strategic CHSWG that reports into ICS and alongside the commissioners and AQP in her system to implement good governance and a good working relationship for the benefits of patients.