Usually, when patients are being consulted about hearing loss solutions, the consultation takes place at an ear specialist’s clinic. However, the Danish Health Data Authority is now asking whether this could be done differently.

The authority has just publicized results from a pilot project dubbed Inhear, in which 751 Danish nationals with hearing loss have participated since the study started in March 2021. The overall conclusion: Digital consultations are just as safe for patients as conventional doctor’s appointments, and are of at least the same quality, according to a press release.

”Many of us probably associate hearing examination with multiple visits to ENT doctors or hearing clinics. With project Inhear, we’re paving the way for citizens to have fewer visits and fewer re-examinations. Not only do people have fewer inconveniences, it also appears that we’re finding the right hearing treatments for patients more quickly,” says the program’s manager, Søren Jakobsen.

Source: Andreas Lonstrup, translated by Daniel Pedersen, published in Medwatch