Over the past few years, it has been clear from all our interactions with the BAA membership that a key concern is the UK Audiology workforce, both now and in the future. Our workforce survey in 2016 provided useful data, but we now need your help again to provide up to date data about our current workforce and your concerns around our future workforce. We appreciate that your time is precious, but it is a pivotal time for the development of the Healthcare Science (HCS) workforce across the 4 home countries and this data will enable BAA to be well prepared to input into any plans. We need to have robust, accurate and up to date workforce information across Audiology.

The aim of this survey is to get some accurate information around the workforce numbers, needs, demands and narrative around what is happening in different areas to feed into the national and local plans, education and recruitment policies developed across the UK.

We have the workforce survey from 2016 which can serve as a direct comparison, but we can only obtain accurate information if people kindly take the time to complete it. For example, it may become clear that Audiology should be on the occupation shortage list, but it will extremely difficult to make a compelling argument if we don’t have the supporting information across the 4 home countries.

Please take the time to complete the 2019 Staffing Survey here.